Jack Canson, Writer

Jack Canson is a writer, music producer, and nominal custodian of Boogie Woogie music. He was an early recipient of the prestigious Dobie Paisano Fellowship at the University of Texas. Jack has written for film and television, and was a fixture in the Austin political scene back when Texas was a blue state.

Tom Sloan, Writer, Executive Producer, Script Consultant

Tom is a physician and philosopher, and (self described) "Wing Tip Republican". Before meeting up with director Mark Lee, Tom would have never thought anyone could have convinced him to spend money producing a play.


Jim Harris, Writer, Executive Producer

Jim is a retired physician and gentleman rancher. Unlike most gentlemen ranchers, Jim makes a lot of money providing steaks and hamburger to a hungry nation.


Hudson Old, Writer, Producer

Hudson publishes and edits The East Texas Journal which is a newspaper whose name sounds a lot like this play. This play was Hudson’s idea; he also named it.

Mark Lee, Writer, Director

Mark is a finance guy who coined the phrase “a fig-newton of your imagination”. He has been an actor, photographer, and unemployed, but never an unpaid intern.